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Porsche Vision Gran Turismo

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo




Car Description

Since it was founded in 1948, Porsche has continually represented the highest level of automotive performance in both motorsports and on the public road. The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo honors the virtues of the German manufacturer with a future version of a sports car designed without restrictions.
Merging elements many historic Porsches from the past with those of today, including the 919 Hybrid super car and the company's first EV, the Taycan, the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo may well be the closes thing to the perfect sports car.
Virtually built around a state-of-the-art carbon monocoque chassis, the cabin is enclosed by a glass dome. Powering the car are dual electric motors that combine to produce 820 kW (1098.6 HP) and 1090 Nm (802.9 ft-lb) of torque. An innovative active aerodynamic system dynamically reacts to all driving situations to enhance the car’s performance.
The car's styling was inspired by past Porsche race cars such as the 908 and the legendary 917, and while the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo looks like it belongs exclusively on a track, it was created to also shred winding roads as a true GT car.

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