This is the news headline for, the official site for the Gran Turismo game series. en Complete the Toyota GR Supra Survey and Unlock the 'Nürburgring 24h' Spec GR Supra In-game! 2019-10-09T14:00:00+08:00 New Budget-price Editions of 'Gran Turismo Sport' Now Available! 2019-09-27T16:30:00+08:00 The "Gran Turismo Sport" September Update: Four New Cars and Wet Conditions on the Tokyo Expressway! 2019-09-26T14:00:00+08:00 Porsche Collaboration Announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019-09-11T21:00:00+08:00 Special Page for "Gran Turismo World Tour 2019 - Red Bull Hangar-7" is Now Available! 2019-09-07T21:00:00+08:00 A Masterpiece That Took the Racing World by Storm: The Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Wins the Gran Turismo Trophy 2019 2019-09-02T16:00:00+08:00 The August Update for Gran Turismo Sport: Five new Japanese cars join the game, as well as a new "Wet Conditions" mode on the Red Bull Ring! 2019-08-26T23:00:00+08:00 Michelin Named as Official Tire Partner 2019-08-24T03:30:00+08:00 'Gran Turismo World Tour 2019 - New York' Special Page Now Available! 2019-08-16T21:00:00+08:00 "Gran Turismo Sport" July Update: Five New Cars and More Additional Features! 2019-07-30T23:00:00+08:00