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Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo




Car Description

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is a project as realistic as possible for Bugatti fans to introduce a thoroughbred Bugatti to the virtual world. The result is a symbiosis of technology, tradition and aesthetics, where every design feature has an actual purpose.
The Bugatti designers drew their inspiration from the brand's racing tradition. Bugatti enjoyed great success in racing in the 1920s and 1930s. Historical inspiration for the modern virtual race car came, in particular, from the Bugatti Type 57 Tank and its victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans races in 1937 and 1939.
The design of the Vision Gran Turismo shows at first glance that Bugatti DNA meets cutting-edge racing technology. Marked by large convex surfaces in contrast with concave transitions and strong lines, the proportions of the vehicle are uncompromisingly athletic and designed for maximum performance. The designers have unmistakeably integrated key features of the Bugatti design DNA into the virtual race car's design with every vehicle component having a real performance function. The horseshoe on the front grille acts as a support for the front splitter. The centre fin, which derives from the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic, makes an important contribution to the car's dynamic stability and accommodates the kinematic system for the rear wing, which controls the air brake and the drag reduction system (DRS). The architecture of the interior continues the clean lines of the exterior. Every aspect of the interior is geared to racing.
The virtual race car was developed in close collaboration with the Bugatti engineers and is based on modern racing technology and aerodynamic analyses. To attain the performance goals, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is driven by a W16 engine, which delivers the engine power of 1,230 kW (1,650 HP) and 1,580 Nm (1,165.35 ft-lb) to all four wheels. The engineers have calculated that the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo can drive at over 400 km/h (250 mph) on four sections of the virtual Le Mans track reaching an overall max speed of 447.59 km/h (278 mph).
The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the ultimate race car, and at the same time a true Bugatti.

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