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FANATEC® Gran Turismo DD Pro



Gran Turismo DD Pro: the Official Gran Turismo® Direct Drive Wheel

Utilizing Direct Drive Technology

The key feature of this steering wheel is that it is directly mounted to the motor shaft which allows for high-precision driving. Direct Drive is the choice of professional drivers and enthusiast sim-racers, and it’s now available to a broader audience.

The efficiency of the Gran Turismo DD Pro motor technology means dynamic force-feedback performance is contained in a small footprint. The low rotational mass of internal components, including a carbon fibre-reinforced steering axis, results in optimal responsiveness and acceleration.

By using a Boost Kit 180 (sold separately), the Gran Turismo DD Pro’s standard peak torque of 5 Nm can be raised to the maximum 8 Nm.

At the centre of the steering wheel is a RevLED strip (yellow, red, and blue LEDs) and an OLED display for the output of telemetry data, which offers useful visual information while driving.

Strong, high-precision, two-pedal set

The solid, durable steel pedals utilize high precision contactless Hall sensors for both the throttle and brakes. Engineered to provide premium driving dynamics, the GT DD Pro is the next level in steering wheels.

Gran Turismo DD Pro (5 Nm)

Retail Price: $699,95

Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm)

Retail Price: $849,95

Gran Turismo DD Pro Premium Bundle

Retail Price: $969,85

Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base (8 Nm)

Retail Price: $599,95

(All prices excluding taxes.)

Compatibility: PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4

For more details, please visit Fanatec official website.