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Gran Turismo Sport Maestro Lewis Hamilton wins his 4th F1 World Championship Title

On October 12, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton also became the Maestro of Gran Turismo Sport. On October 30, he achieved his 4th F1 World Championship Series victory on round 18, the Mexico Grand Prix final.

By winning the American Grand Prix held in the previous week, Lewis Hamilton was one hand away from checkmate. He entered the Mexican GP in a state where he needed to place 5th or above, or if his rival Sebastian Vettel fell below 3rd place, he was guaranteed the series title.

In a chaotic start at the final race, Lewis came into contact with Sebastian Vettel’s car which resulted in a flat right rear tire. Forced to pit immediately, he restarts the race in last place. Max Verstappen in the lead of the race even came up behind him, but his comeback started there. By the 67th lap he passed Ferdinand Alonso and ended the race in 9th place. Max Verstappen won this Grand Prix and Vettel is 4th, but at this moment Lewis became the 2017 F1 World Champion.

Through the tough 2017 season, Lewis Hamilton had shown great depth in both his driving and personality. His driving philosophy and outlook on life will also be revealed hereafter through Gran Turismo Sport.

Congratulations Lewis!