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Vision Gran Turismo

A Fusion of Dynamism and Functionality: Introducing the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo

Honda has always focused on human-centric development when pursuing new values in their automobiles, and the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo created in collaboration with Gran Turismo is no exception. There is now a movie available where you can see the newly developed sports car.

This is a pure sports model born through Gran Turismo, the Real Driving Simulator. It comes from Honda’s corporate culture for doing things that simply “looks fun”.

For its development, Honda hosted a design competition for their designers around the globe. The winner of the fierce competition was a team in their Los Angeles studio, and the later development process to polish the design was joined by both Japanese and US designers alike, both exerting their strengths in the development. The quarter model was built in the U.S., while the modeling data and hardware was developed in Japan. With teams from each region coming together, many designers enjoyed participating in the project.

In the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo, Honda’s “Human Centered Design” direction is apparent in the package design in the placement of the driver, engine, and tires. These are elements that determine the structure of the car, and on top of this is exterior design and proportions that make the car appear as though it were in motion even at a standstill. It emits a strong presence on the road with its tight body, wide fenders with air intakes, and wheels that combine beauty and functionality.

Using many carbon fiber components, the total weight of the car is kept down to a mere 899kg. The midship mounted 1998cc engine combines a turbocharged inline 4 with Honda’s iconic DOHC-VTEC, producing 410ps/7500 rpm. This power is transferred firmly to the ground through an 8 speed dual clutch transmission.

In terms of aerodynamics, the design was not only tested in computer simulation but also wind tunnel tested using a full scale model, just as in a development of a real car. By doing so, an optimum aerodynamic performance was achieved, guaranteeing airflow and exit of air around the body, through the underfloor, as well as the cabin and engine room.

The Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo is a personification of Honda’s “Power of Dreams”.
See and experience its allure for yourself through its introduction movie.