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Gran Turismo Sport

The April 2019 Update for Gran Turismo Sport: Five New Cars Including the Porsche 962C!

Gran Turismo Sport received an update on April 23, 2019.

The following is a list of contents included with Update 1.38:

1. The addition of five new vehicles, from famous racecars to everyday compacts:

Porsche 962 C ’88 (Gr.1)

Renault R8 Gordini ’66 (Gr.X)

Audi TT Coupé 3.2 quattro '03 (N200)

Honda Fit Hybrid '14 (N100)

Toyota Sprinter Trueno 3door 1600GT APEX (AE86) '83 (N100)

2. Six new GT League rounds added:

Beginner League

Two new rounds have been added to "Compétition de France."

Amateur League

Two new rounds have been added to "Tourist Trophy."

Professional League

Two new rounds have been added to "Group 1 Cup."

3. More additional features:

"New Zealand - Embrace the natural beauty of Oceania" has been added to the special featured section.

"Global Manufacturer Ranking" has been added to the Manufacturer Series section.

There will be various other features, improvements and revisions included in this update. We hope you continue to enjoy the always-evolving Gran Turismo Sport.