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'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' Schedule Change Notice

Starting from Season 1 of the ‘FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2020/21 Exhibition Series beginning on Wednesday, 26 August, the race schedule, entry times, and the number of race entry slots for the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series will change as follows.

■ Event Days (All Regions)

 ・Nations Cup: Wednesdays or Saturdays
 ・Manufacturer Series: Saturdays or Wednesdays

■ Race Schedule and Entry Slots (Asia Region)

 ・Wednesday: 17:00, 18:20, 19:40, 21:00, 22:20 CST (5 races in total.)
 ・Saturday: 16:00, 17:20, 18:40, 20:00, 21:20 CST (5 races in total.)

The race days of the week for the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series may switch in the middle of the Season. Additionally, the current schedule may change without prior notice.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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