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The "2021 World Series - Round 3" Results

The Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series winners of the "2021 World Series - Round 3" have been confirmed.
Listed below are the winning countries and manufacturers.

■ Nations Cup

Pos./Country/Driver Name (Online_ID)/World Series Points
1st/Italy/Valerio Gallo (Williams_BRacer)/3
2nd/Spain/Jose Serrano (PR1_JOSETE)/2
3rd/Belgium/Quinten Jehoul (ERM_Quinten)/1

■ Manufacturer Series

Pos./Manufacturer/Driver Name (Online_ID)/World Series Points
1st/Porsche/Jose Serrano (PR1_JOSETE)/ 3
2nd/Peugeot / Quinten Jehoul (ERM_Quinten)/2
3rd/Dodge/Yuki Araki (DW-yuhki02)/1

In each World Series round, the top three competitors and teams for both Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series are awarded "World Series Points." The winner receives three points, 2nd place gets two points and 3rd place one point . These points are then used to for the starting line of the World Finals.

Thank you for continuing to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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