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2019/20 Exhibition Series - Season 2 Victory Bonuses Notice (12/30)

The Victory Bonuses for Season 2 of the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2019/20 Exhibition Series have been distributed.

Victory Bonuses are bonus points gifted to players whose account for PlayStation™Network belong to the country/territory that won the Nations Cup in their respective Region, and to those who have an affiliation contract in-game with a car manufacturer that won the Manufacturer Series in their Region. These bonuses are awarded in the form of in-game Credits and Mileage Points.

For 2019/20 Exhibition Series – Season 2, we have sent 200,000 Credits and 5,000 Mileage Points to those belonging to the following countries and manufacturers:

■ Nations Cup 2019/20 Exhibition Series – Season 2

 ・For the Europe/Middle East/Africa region: Spain ( PR1_JOSETE )
 ・For the North America region: United States ( DarkraiDP )
 ・For the Central & South America region: Brazil ( UDI_BONELLI )
 ・For the Asia region: Japan ( SG_Kawakana )
 ・For the Oceania region: Australia ( Nik_Makozi )

■ Manufacturer Series 2019/20 Exhibition Series – Season 2

 ・For the Europe/Middle East/Africa region: Jaguar ( PR1_Fire )
 ・For the North America region: McLaren ( PX7-Deafsun )
 ・For the Central & South America region: Mercedes-Benz ( UDI_BONELLI )
 ・For the Asia region: Toyota ( Dual_Wield-2 )
 ・For the Oceania region: Mercedes-Benz ( Nik_Makozi )

Congratulations to the winning countries and manufacturers!

From now on, we will distribute the Victory Bonuses at the end of every Season. These bonuses are redeemable from Monday 30/12 to Monday 13/1.

Please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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