Update Details (1.31)

The following is a list of the main features and adjustments introduced for the latest update to Gran Turismo 7.

Main Features Implemented

1. Cars
 - The following five new cars have been added:
  ・Audi RS 5 Turbo DTM '19
  ・Mazda 3 X Burgundy Selection '19
  ・Porsche 959 '87 (Available for purchase at Legend Cars beginning March 30)
  ・Porsche Carrera GTS (904) '64 (Available for purchase at Legend Cars beginning March 30)
  ・Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge '18

2. Tracks
 - The following two layouts have been added to the Nürburgring:
  ・Nürburgring Endurance
  ・Nürburgring Sprint

3. World Circuits
 - The following new events have been added to World Circuits:
   - Japanese 4WD Challenge 600
   - World Touring Cars 800
  ・Kyoto Driving Park
   - Porsche Cup
  ・Tokyo Expressway
   - Japanese 4WD Challenge 600

4. Scapes
 - "Sakura" has been added as a featured Curation in Scapes.

5. Café
 - The following two Extra Menus have been added:
  ・Extra Menu No. 18: Collection: Toyota Family Cars (Collector Level 28 and above)
  ・Extra Menu No. 19: Collection: Ford GT (Collector Level 44 and above)

 - New sets of conversations with the Car Designers and Characters appearing in the Café have been added. These new conversations can be accessed by changing to the following cars in Garage and speaking with the Characters in the Café:

  CAR DESIGNERS (In alphabetical order)
   - Mr. Freeman Thomas
    ・Porsche Spyder Type 550/1500RS '55
    ・Porsche 911 Turbo (930) '81
    ・Porsche 911 RSR (991) '17

   - Mr. Fabio Filippini
    ・Ferrari 512 BB '76
    ・Nissan Silvia K's Dia Selection (S13) '90
    ・Nissan Silvia Q's (S13) '88
    ・Renault Clio V6 24V '00

  - Jeremy
    ・Audi RS 5 Turbo DTM '19
    ・Porsche Carrera GTS (904) '64
    ・Porsche 959 '87

  - Stella
    ・Mazda3 X Burgundy Selection '19
    ・Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge '18

6. Display Settings
 - Support for 120 Hz Output and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) have been added. Please refer to the following page to learn more about the settings on compatible devices: https://www.gran-turismo.com/world/gt7/manual/option/01

7. Multiplayer
 - Keyboard Camera Switching Feature has been added to the Lobby races. Please refer to the following page to learn more about the details: https://www.gran-turismo.com/world/gt7/manual/multiplayer/07

8. Sport
 - In the Online Championships, different leagues will have different penalty settings and race regulations. For the 2022/23 Exhibition Series - Season 4, the race schedule for GT2 and GT3 League will feature more entry slots to allow for a wider participation at different times of the day.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

1. Physics Simulation Model
 - The car physics simulation model has been adjusted. Please refer to the following page to learn more about the details: https://www.gran-turismo.com/world/gt7/news/00_1462138.html
 - We have adjusted the effect of Traction Control, ABS, Active Stability Management, and Countersteering Assistance in the Assist Settings.
 - We have also changed some of the default settings for the Assist Presets in the Assist Settings as follows:
    Countersteering Assistance: Strong → Weak
    Traction Control: 5 → 3
  ・ Expert
    Countersteering Assistance: Strong → Off

If "Intermediate" or "Expert" was selected prior to the update, the settings will not be overwritten, but the Assist Preset will change to Custom instead.
 - The Performance Points (PP) of some cars have been adjusted.
 - The incorrect display of the toe angle adjustment in Car Settings has been addressed.

2. Legend Cars
 - Legend Cars (Hagerty Collection) prices have been revised based on real-life valuations from Gran Turismo partner, Hagerty.

Hagerty provides valuations and vehicle insurance for classic cars and has sponsors historic car events.

New prices will be applied the next time a vehicle goes on sale. The next price revision is scheduled for June 2023.

- Changed the manufacturer of the CLK-LM '98 from "AMG" to "Mercedes-Benz."

3. World Circuits
 - The target times for all events within the Circuit Experience has been adjusted, and the demonstrations have been updated accordingly. Also, ranking boards for all events have been reset.
 - We have adjusted the settings for the Pickup Truck Race on the following tracks:
  ・ Willow Springs Raceway
  ・ Daytona International Speedway
  ・ Colorado Springs (PP recommended values have changed)
 - We also adjusted the settings for the World Touring Car 600 on the following track:
  ・ Tokyo Expressway
 - An issue in which the Race Shop was not available in some cases at the Meeting Places has been rectified.

4. License Center
 - The target times for all events in the license tests have been adjusted, and the demonstrations have been updated accordingly. Also, all event ranking boards have been reset.

5. Missions
 - We have adjusted the settings for the following events: 
  Rolling Stone
   ・Drag Race "0-400m Acceleration Battle 1"

  Moby Dick
   ・Drag Race "0-400m Acceleration Battle 2"

  Gone with the Wind
   ・Drag Race "0-400m Acceleration Battle 3"

  The Sun Also Rises
   ・Drag Race "0-1000m Acceleration Battle 1"

  The Human Comedy
   ・Autopolis One Hour
   ・Kyoto Driving Park One Hour
   ・Deep Forest Raceway One Hour
   ・Alsace One Hour
   ・Lake Maggiore Circuit One Hour

Also, the ranking boards for the above drag races have been reset.

6. Scapes
 - The Avatar driver will now be selected as default when an onboard driver is enabled.

7. Home
 - We addressed an issue in which the online ID was displayed instead of the nickname on the car body during Scapes movies and the VR showroom.

8. Race Display
 - Track Map display to the Pit Menu has been added.

9. Localization
 - We rectified various text localization issues.

10. Others
 - Various other issues have been addressed.

Thank you for your loyal support, and we hope you continue to enjoy Gran Turismo 7!