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Gran Turismo Datalogger Visualization Demonstration Movie


General Information

Announcing a Real Life Driving Data Visualisation Technology Utilising the "CAN-Gateway ECU"

On September 4, 'Gran Turismo' together with Toyota Motor Corporation and Denso announced a CG visualisation technology that utilises data captured via real life driving. This project started in the fall of 2007 and after 5 years of development, the final product has now been implemented for the first time on a commercial car.

This technology utilises the "CAN-Gateway ECU"*, a real time driving data transmission system developed in conjunction between Toyota and Denso.

Various type of data (such as car positioning, vehicle speed, engine RPM, accelerator pedal stroke, steering angle, brake signals, etc.) are logged into the "CAN-Gateway ECU" while driving. This driving data can then be saved onto a USB memory stick, and by connecting this to a PlayStation®3 system, the real driving conditions can be reproduced within Gran Turismo. It is even possible to compete against your real driving record recreated in game.

It normally takes several video cameras to record a spectator's view in your vehicle while driving on a race circuit, but thanks to this technology now anyone can easily record their driving performance, making this an ideal tool for monitoring and improving their driving skills.

In the announcement presentation at the Fuji Speedway of Shizuoka, Japan, a real Toyota 86 was driven on the circuit by members of the press, and the driving data captured from the car was processed in Gran Turismo demonstration. This "CAN-Gateway ECU" technology will be distributed as a demo to members of the racing industry starting from spring 2013, and will be on sale later that year.

* Abbreviation for "Controller Area Network-Gateway Electronic Control Unit".