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2019 World Tour - Paris // Live Broadcast
Manufacturer Series : 16 March, 5pm (GMT)
Nations Cup : 17 March, at 1pm (GMT)
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FIA GT Championships 2019 | Top 16 Superstars
9 Videos
Drivers battle for a place in the World Tour and the World Finals in the FIA GT Championships. We present to you the Top 16 Superstars races, together with commentary!
2019 World Tour | Paris
5 Videos
2019 World Tour Paris will be hosted at the Gabriel Pavilion in Paris. Stay tuned for the battle that will give a glimpse into the future of the new Series!
FIA GT Championship 2018 | Moments
24 Videos
The human side of the top racers of the world. Introduction of the venues by the commentators. Look back on the 2018 FIA-Gran Turismo Championships through a wide variety of video footage.
FIA GT Championships 2018 | World Finals
22 Videos
Representing countries and regions in the Nations Cup, representing Manufacturers in the Manufacturer Series. Witness the trials and tribulations of the glorious inaugural champions of the FIA-Gran Turismo Championships in their final battle for glory!
FIA GT Championships 2018 | Americas Final
11 Videos
The Americas Championship Final determines the last finalists who will make it to the World Final. See the incredible battle in Las Vegas, Nevada, staged alongside the SEMA show.
FIA GT Championships 2018 | European Final
11 Videos
The European Championship Final was hosted at the Madrid Games Week venue. Witness how the top 10 drivers proceeded to the World Final through the incredibly tough competition!
FIA GT Championships 2018 | Asia & Oceania Final
10 Videos
Staged at the Megaweb facility in Tokyo, the top drivers of the Asia/Oceania region fight for the title of Regional Champion and a ticket to the World Final.
GT World Tour 2018 | Red Bull Hangar-7
2 Videos
Top FIA-GT Championship drivers from around the globe gather for a face to face match in the Gran Turismo World Tour. The second World Tour event in Salzburg, Austria.
GT World Tour 2018 | Nürburgring
4 Videos
Gran Turismo Players of Europe gather for a face to face match in the Gran Turismo World Tour. Hosted at the famed Nürburgring 24 hour race in Germany.