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Announcing the Motor Toon Grand Prix USA EDITION

The racing game Motor Toon Grand Prix USA EDITION created by Gran Turismo Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi in 1997, is now made available in the PlayStation®Store Game Archives for the PLAYSTATION®3 and PSP® (Playstation Portable).

In addition to the standard GRANDPRIX racing mode, there is a one on one match race, a one on one DUALRACE with identical courses on the right and left, and additional games and courses appear as you clear more stages. Enjoy the comical race competition in cars designed by famed illustrator, Susumu Matsushita.

Product title: Motor Toon Grand Prix USA EDITION
Platform: PLAYSTATION®3/PSP® (Playstation Portable)
Dual Shock: compatible
Developed by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Price: 600 yen (Tax not incl.)
Genre: Racing
Required disk/memory space: 265MB
CEROA (For all ages)

©1997 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ©1994, 1996 Susumu Matsushita Company