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Online ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’ Now Available! Participate Before 23 May and Receive In-game Credits!

The world's first-ever ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event' started on 13 May.

The Global Online Qualification time trial event is available within Gran Turismo Sport from 13th of May until 23rd of May. Using cars with a special ‘Olympic Virtual Series’ themed livery and tracks redecorated for this event, competitors battle for every last 1/1000th of a second.

To commemorate the very first OVS event, Gran Turismo will distribute 400,000 In-game Credits to all players who enter the Global Online Qualification and register a race lap time (In-game Credits to be distributed in early June). You can enter the Online Qualification from ‘Time Trial’ within ‘Sport’ mode.
Experience the world’s very first 'Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event' in Gran Turismo Sport!

Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event Entry Form

Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event Overview

How to Participate

This event can be entered by anyone who fulfils the entry conditions. Please follow the instructions below to access the ‘Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event’ in-game, or access the entry page from and enter the required information to participate.

- Sign in with the account for PlayStation™Network that you are using in ‘Gran Turismo Sport;’
- After signing in, you will be automatically redirected to the FIA website for registration in the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event (;
- Enter the required information in the registration form on the FIA Website;
- Once you have finished registering on the FIA website, you will automatically be redirected to this website;
- The confirmation message for the entry completed will be displayed;
- Enter the event from ‘Time Trial’ within the ‘Sport’ mode of Gran Turismo Sport and set a lap time.

Please note you will be required to enter personal information including your first and last name, birthday, gender, country or territory of residence, e-mail address and language preference. You will also be required to agree to the Olympic Virtual Series Motor Sport Event regulations. The personal information collected will be handled according to the FIA privacy policy (