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Gran Turismo®6

Gran Turismo 6 Late May Update to Introduce the "Ayrton Senna Tribute"

A special "Ayrton Senna Tribute" section has been opened on 1 May 2014 in, 20 years after the passing of Senna.

The special "Ayrton Senna Tribute" website will allow fans to follow the life of Senna through videos and a two-part slide show, leading up to the release of more in-game racing content in the latter half of May. We hope you will follow with us in Gran Turismo 6, the footsteps of one of the greatest racing drivers in history, who still lives strong in the hearts of many today.

To commemorate the partnership with Ayrton Senna Institute and Gran Turismo, a short documentary "Ayrton's Wish", is featured within the website. The film revolves around the Ayrton Senna Institute, which was established by Ayrton's sister Viviane who carried on his hopes and dreams after he passed away.

Ayrton's Wish

On May 1, 1994, Ayrton Senna, 3 time Formula One world champion died in a tragic accident leaving his family, fans and nation to morn the loss of the world’s greatest race car driver. In the wake of his passing, Ayrton's sister Viviane Senna, set up the Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS) to fulfill his longing to help his countrymen.

Ayrton’s Wish, explores Senna’s dream to give the children of Brazil opportunity to realize their own potential, and the new found relationship between Gran Turismo and IAS. More important than Senna’s success behind the wheel, the film speaks to Ayrton's love for Brazil.

The film is directed by Tamir Moscovici, who also directed “KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide”, a movie created as part of the celebration for Gran Turismo's 15th Anniversary. Most recently, "KAZ" won the "Best Long Format Featuring Promotional Content" category at the annual Game Marketing Awards 2014.