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Thrustmaster PV


Gran Turismo®5

Two Steering Controller Products Now Officially Compatible with GT5

Two force feedback steering controllers are now officially compatible with Gran Turismo 5.

Guillemot Thrustmaster T500RS
Release Date: January 5 2011 (Europe) / January 5 2011 (North America)

The Thrustmaster T500RS developed specifically for Gran Turismo 5, is a high end steering controller that has taken power and precision to the very limit.

Just looking at the sheer weight of the controllers you can tell how serious they were in the development process,with the steering wheel set-up weighing in at 10.1lbs, and the pedals 16lbs.

The 30cm diameter steering wheel is re-inforced by metal spokes to give high strength.. A 16 bit magnetic sensor detects its position at a resolution of 65536 steps, to provide steering control with absolute precision.

Force feedback is delivered by an industrial motor with 150Nm torque and 65w output producing quick and accurate steering information.

The all metal pedals are also packed with innovation. The pedal layout consists of 3 pedals including a strong footrest. By changing positions, its possible to recreate either a “floor-mounted” F1 style, or “suspended” GT style of pedal layout.

The brakes too offer incredible feel. With a foot pressure “weight” of 157N, it’s easy can obtain precision brake control.

Logitech Driving Force™ GT
Available Now

The highly praised Driving Force™ GT is also officially compatible with Gran Turismo 5.

The range of the steering angle is 900 degrees (2.5 turns from lock to lock) making it equal to real world cars, and the powerful force feedback provides rich steering information to the drivers hands.

The real-time adjustment dial on the steering spoke allows you to change brake balance and traction control settings even while driving. Shifting of gears is possible from either the buttons on the back of the steering wheel, or with the shift lever to the side of the steering wheel.