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Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from Gamescom 2010 (1/6)

This is the latest information regarding "Gran Turismo 5", announced at Europe's largest game show, Gamescom held at Köln, Germany, on August 18.

1. GT LIFE - A-spec / B-spec -
Choose your "Life", as a Driver or Racing Team Director

The "Gran Turismo Mode" that everyone enjoyed in previous versions of the series has undergone major renovations, and has now been reborn in "Gran Turismo 5" as "GT LIFE". In the new "GT LIFE", the basic flow of clearing license tests, participating in races, collecting rewards and purchasing more expensive, faster cars has not changed. But now, how you "live" is divided into two separate modes. 

Live as a Racing Driver in A spec

In the A spec mode, you are a racing driver. Getting behind the wheel yourself, you will hone your driving skills, and challenge one race at a time. This is the facet of "Gran Turismo 5" we are all familiar with.

In A-spec mode, you are the driver participating in each race.
"Cockpit Views" that totally recreate the interior and instruments of a car, have been prepared for over 200 cars.
You can also choose a third person view of your car from behind in A-spec mode.
Live as a Racing Team Director in B Spec

In the B spec mode, you are the director of a racing team. You will not be driving yourself, but will be nurturing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driver, with the aim of securing victory by giving directions to the driver during races.

The B spec mode which first appeared in "Gran Turismo 4" has evolved to the next level, creating another facet of "Gran Turismo 5" that you could call a "Racing RPG".

The AI driver who appears in the B spec mode will have an ability gauge, condition, and personality, which will change as they participate in numerous races. Depending on the condition of the driver, they may not always listen to your directions as the team director. You will need to have a very different temperament to when you are behind the wheel yourself.

This is the "Main View" in B spec mode. The turn of events in the race, the condition of the car, damage, and tyre status can all be monitored.
The "Full View" in B spec mode, where the focus is on the live image from the race.
The "Live Time View" where you can view the best laptimes and the times of each sector set in B spec mode.
Play to Match Your Lifestyle

The contents of the races that need to be cleared in both A spec and B spec are mostly the same. If you clear one or the other, the game will reach the same ending. -You can of course clear both. 

In "Gran Turismo 5" you can interact with the game as either a driver, or as a racing team director. You can enjoy "Life" in a way that matches your skill or lifestyle.