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Grand Opening of the Gran Turismo Café at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit

Paddock Café JAY, at the Number 1 paddock of Twin Ring Motegi Circuit has always been popular with regular visitors as well as riders and drivers. On Friday, March 27, it will newly reopen as the Gran Turismo Café.

Paddock Café JAY, and Gran Turismo, were both born in 1997, and made their marks in car culture. The Gran Turismo Café is a place where these two come together to provide enjoyment and relaxation for customers. The exterior, interior, and even the staff uniforms have been decorated in the image of Gran Turismo, and there are additional items added to the already popular menu lineup as well.

Inside, there are three Gran Turismo 5 Prologue play booths. After you've enjoyed your meal or coffee, you can experience the joy of sports driving in Gran Turismo.

If you're ever near the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit, please drop by the Gran Turismo Café!