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Kazunori Yamauchi's Talk at the 'Concevoir Les 100 Prochaines Années du Sport Automobile' Exhibition in Paris

The 'Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris' ('Japan Cultural Institute in Paris') was founded in 1997 in Paris, France as a centre for the promotion of Japanese culture. There, Gran Turismo Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi gave a talk at the 'Concevoir les 100 prochaines années du sport automobile' exhibition ('Looking towards the next 100 years of motorsport.')

The exhibition, which started on 4 July, allows visitors to interact with the history and culture of motorsports from its origins in France, to the next generation of motorsport led by Japan’s ‘Gran Turismo’ where the line between real and virtual racing is blurred.

Yamauchi visited the Japan Cultural Institute on 7 July, where he gave a one-hour talk about the history of motorsport and the themes of development, and introduced a number of projects. He also gave visitors the chance to engage him in a heartfelt Q&A session.

Visuals from the talk (Japanese, French)

'Concevoir les 100 prochaines années du sport automobile' will be open until 28 July at the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris. The exhibition hall features the 1901 'De Dion Bouton Vis-à-Vis' gasoline-powered car and an exhibit on the Gran Turismo series.

■ 'Concevoir les 100 prochaines années du sport automobile' Exhibition

Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

1901 'De Dion Bouton Vis-à-Vis'

'Gran Turismo' series exhibition