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Gran Turismo™ Sport

The 'Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept' Arrives in Gran Turismo Sport; be the First to Experience its Overwhelming Performance!

On 06 March at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland, the 'Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept' was unveiled to the public. This concept car, that was at the centre of attention for sports car fans around the globe, has been included in Gran Turismo Sport with the free update released on 27 April.

The Supra was loved by sports car fans the world over for a quarter of a century and was renowned as ‘the Sports of Toyota’. The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept is a model that brings back that Supra spirit in the form of a cutting edge racing machine.

Centred around a traditional sports car style with a long nose, short deck design and front-engine/rear-wheel drive layout, the body consists of lightweight high strength carbon composites, forming large fenders, rear diffuser, and rear wing, It has been modified as a competition machine for fierce battles on the race track.

Gran Turismo Sport not only recreates its dynamic exterior, it also faithfully recreates its cockpit, complete with a rear view monitor. Be the first to check out the performance of the latest Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept in Gran Turismo Sport!