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Gran Turismo™ Sport

Enter a New Era of Visual Experience with ‘Gran Turismo’ for 'PS4'

On 2 November 2016, during the PlayStation®4 Pro event 'JOIN THE FUTURE OF PLAY', Gran Turismo series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi gave a tech presentation titled "Technical Vision for Gran Turismo on PS4 (Pro)".

In this article, with the help of actual slides used during the presentation, we will introduce the techniques used to achieve this new era of visual enhancements for the next PlayStation®4-exclusive title ‘Gran Turismo Sport’, to be released in 2017.

4K, 60fps

・Resolution: 1800p checkerboard
・Framerate: 60fps


・Data capture using a bespoke camera developed by PDI.
・Brightness range 100 times higher than the current camera standard.
・Gran Turismo will support current HDR TV’s as well as future HDR devices reaching brightnesses up to 10000 nits. (HDR10・ST.2084)
・GT Tonemap enabling complete compatibility between Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and HDR TVs.
SDR: Current TV, Target: 100 nits
HDR: Movies, Target: 1000 nits
HDR: Gran Turismo, Target: 10000 nits
SDR: Current TV, HDR: Movies, HDR: Gran Turismo

Wide Colour

・Colour space increased by 64% from sRGB.
・10nm scale spectroscopic measurement. (Measurement of the spectral base.)
・Full wide colour space workflow using BT.2020 at all stages of production, from data capture, materials creation, rendering to output.
The colour space recognizable to human eyes
Movies: DCI-P3
Gran Turismo: BT.2020
sRGB, Movies: DCI-P3, Gran Turismo: BT.2020
Please look forward to experiencing the next level of visual enhancements which will be achieved by the PlayStation®4-exclusive title ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ once it’s released in 2017.