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[IMPORTANT] Regarding Area of Residence Details Registered in 'Sport' Mode for UK Players

The list of the areas of residence you can select in the 'Sport Mode Registration Information' screen, implemented with Update 1.19, has been updated for the UK.

During the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship' 2018 Series, planned to start in mid-June, players will be able to see a Local Ranking (a ranking based on their area of residence).

Those players from the UK who have already registered their area of residence details, please go to the 'Sport Mode Registration Information' screen* that is displayed after selecting 'Sport' mode, and re-enter your area details.

*This screen will be displayed automatically again when 'Sport' mode is selected for the first time after installing Update 1.20. Once the area of residence details are submitted, this screen will no longer appear.

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