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Global Manufacturer Ranking Points Calculation Changes

The 'Manufacturer Ranking Points' which were previously calculated from all 5 Regions to determine the position of a manufacturer in the 'Global Manufacturer Ranking' will now be calculated from the top 3 Regions only.


 ・Oceania (200 pts)
 ・Central & South America (200 pts)
 ・Europe/Middle East/Africa (192 pts)
 ・North America (172 pts)
 ・Asia (166 pts)

In this scenario, after 10 Rounds the top 3 Regions would be Central & South America (200), Oceania (200), and Europe/Middle East/Africa (192) respectively, and the total number of points (592) would be assigned as Global Manufacturer Ranking Points.

This new calculation method will take effect from the Pre-Season of the 'FIA GT Championships' 2020 Series, which begins on Tuesday, 18 February.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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