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Global Manufacturer Ranking Points Calculation Changes

Beginning with the 'Manufacturer Series - Stage 1' starting on 8 June, the Global Manufacturer Ranking will be calculated according to an effective points system.

■ 'Global Manufacturer Ranking' New Calculation
 ・In each Round, the Manufacturer Ranking will be determined based on the points acquired by the top driver of each manufacturer (the driver who scored the highest number of points in that Round.)
 ・Manufacturer Points are awarded based on this standing, to create a Manufacturer Ranking list for each of the competing Regions.
 ・The effective points that will be tallied for the Manufacturer Series will be the points from the best 5 Rounds out of a total of 20 Rounds for the 2019 Series.

With the next Update, the effective points will be highlighted.

The selection process for a manufacturer representative will not change, but if two or more Regions have an equal number of points in the "Global Manufacturer Ranking", the selection will be determined following these criteria:

 a) the Region with the highest score across all Rounds;
 b) the Region with the highest number of entries registered at the end of the 2019 Series.

Following this change, from Monday, 3 June competitors can change their manufacturer affiliation contracts again. Please note that once you change your affiliation you will not be able to change it again until the end of the 2019 Series.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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