Announcing the Gran Turismo × Dior Collaboration

On 30 July, Dior announced the start of a collaboration with Gran Turismo 7 at the World Series Showdown in Salzburg, Austria.

As part of the collaboration, Gran Turismo 7 will feature new and exclusive Dior racing gear that can be applied to the player’s driver avatar and a customised vintage car, the 'De Tomaso Mangusta,' all specially designed by British fashion designer and Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, Kim Jones. This collection highlights Dior’s unique design hallmarks in a virtual space for the first time.

The racing gear collection will consist of a yellow and grey racing suit, matching gloves, reinterpreted 'Diorizon' shoes and a blue and grey helmet. A special number '47' has been incorporated into the design in tribute to the date of Christian Dior’s inaugural fashion show in 1947, which sealed the brand’s success.

All these items and the special edition De Tomaso Mangusta will be available to enjoy in-game from 25 August.