Sport Mode

Sport Mode Upcoming Events Notice

The 'Sport' pavilion of Gran Turismo 7 is the place to find 'Daily Races' and 'Championships (Point Races)' online events.

Daily Races will start from Friday, 4 March on two channels, 'Daily Race A' and 'Daily Race B.' 'Daily Race C' will start from Monday, 14 March following a game update. Please note that the Daily Races will be updated at irregular intervals.

For the 'Championships (Point Races)', a 'Gran Turismo World Series Test Season' is planned to start on Monday, 21 March. The main 2022 Season will begin after the end of this Test Season. Full details about the Championships will be announced at a later date.

Please note that the 'Sport' pavilion will appear in-game after clearing Menu Book No. 9, 'Tokyo Highway Parade,' and that participation in Daily Races and Championships requires a PlayStation®Plus subscription.

Please look forward to the opening of the 2022 Season, the dawn of a new era!