Race Report

Team Subaru’s Kylian Drumont (R8G_Kylian19) Dominates Qualifiers!

Wednesday, 8 May, saw the opening of the ‘Gran Turismo World Series 2024 Online Qualifiers — Manufacturers Cup.’

Round 1 was held at the Nürburgring 24h circuit, where Team Subaru’s Kylian Drumont (R8G_Kylian19) racked up a whopping 480 points in a pole-to-win finish with a five-second cushion over Team Toyota’s Jose Serrano, who came in second.

Drumont showed no sign of stopping in Round 2, at the Autódromo de Interlagos, where, after a tight race with Team Audi’s second-place starter Daniel Penco (DaniiPH), he claimed another pole-to-win finish, netting him 481 points.

Round 3 unfolded at the legendary Deep Forest Raceway. Starting in third, Serrano got off to a roaring start, with an early pit stop mid-way through the race allowing him to pick up the pace on fresh tyres. By the time everyone had passed through the pit, Serrano was at the top of the pack, his brilliant strategy taking him first across the finish line, and earning him 472 points.

Round 4 at Suzuka Circuit saw dizzying changes in weather conditions that surely put each racer’s survival instincts to the test. After a dry start, a sudden downpour mid-way through the race caused chaos and confusion for the leaders, allowing Team Honda’s well-seasoned Valerio Gallo (OP_BRacer) to rise through the ranks.

The last leg saw a return to dry conditions as Gallo broke away from the others to finish in first. An exceedingly rare show for Honda in this series, even with Gallo at the wheel. But it is fitting that it happened on Honda’s home turf of Suzuka.

Round 5 was a high-speed showdown at the Daytona Road Course, where Chevrolet cavaliers Antonio Santos (ERM_AntonioSK) and Rayan Derrouiche (miura30_) took the top two spots. The two Corvette C7 Gr.3s duked it out through the last leg of the race, when, right before the finish line, Derrouiche emerged from Santos’ slipstream to take the win. It was an epoch-making moment for the American manufacturer on an American track.

The final race at Fuji International Speedway saw Team Porsche’s Alex López (AVA_AlexLM) execute a pole-to-win finish worth 464 points.

Despite Honda and Chevrolet’s performance towards the end of this season, it was Drumont’s high scoring in the first three races that won Team Subaru the title victory.

Second place went to Team Honda’s Gallo, whose instincts shined in a race rocked by tough weather conditions. Meanwhile, third went to Benjámin Hencsei (IGTSH_Szotyi42x), who has displayed a steady pace all season long.

'Gran Turismo World Series' 2024 Online Qualifiers — Manufacturers Cup
 1st / Subaru / Kylian Drumont (R8G_Kylian19) / 1421 Points
 2nd / Honda / Valerio Gallo (OP_BRacer) / 1394 Points
 3rd / Porsche / Benjámin Hencsei (IGTSH_Szotyi42x) / 1381 Points