The 'Gran Turismo World Series'

In 2018, a new form of motorsport was born, where players from around the world would compete using the skills developed with Gran Turismo: an official global Gran Turismo championship. In 2022, the Series enters its 5th year with the ‘Gran Turismo World Series’ (GTWS), a new championship to celebrate the release of Gran Turismo 7.

The Gran Turismo World Series is a championship open to players around the world through the ‘Sport' mode of Gran Turismo 7. Players compete in races under the official Series regulations, testing their skills against each other. Players who show great speed and sportsmanship in these races are then invited to compete in ‘World Series’ events to determine who will make it to the ‘World Finals,’ an event that identifies the world’s very best drivers.

The Gran Turismo World Series contains two championships, a Nations Cup where players compete for their country or territory, and a Manufacturers Cup where they represent their favourite automobile manufacturers.

What to watch for in the 2022 Series

League matching races topped by the ‘GT1 League’
A league format has now been introduced to fit the level and skill of the competing players. With the ‘GT1 League’ at the very top of the pyramid, there will also ‘GT2’ and ‘GT3’ leagues for players of different levels. With an easier to understand path to leveling up and better race matching, anyone can easily enter the world of serious racing that can be your gateway into world class competition.
The return of live events where top competitors from around the world converge
The ‘World Series Showdown’ highlight event that marks the midpoint of the year long season, and the ‘World Final’ event that determines the World Champion at the end of the season will be hosted as LIVE real world events, marking the first return of in-person international events since 2020.
Official Broadcast of the great battles leading to the top of the world
The World Series, World Series Showdown and the World Final that determines the World Champion will be broadcast internationally around the world. We invite everyone to check out the intense battles on the track in our official broadcasts.
Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Overview