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Gran Turismo®5

Special Events Related to GT Academy 2012

Did you know that you are entitled to receive prize cars in Gran Turismo 5, if you cleared the GT Academy 2012 rounds with all Gold results?

Right now we are hosting a series of one-week limited events featuring the GT Academy 2012 prize cars distributed last week: The 'GT Academy Car Challenge'.

In this GT Academy Car Challenge, new race and time trial events will be hosted every week. You will win prizes by achieving 3rd place or higher in a race, and Bronze or better results in a time trial. If you clear both events with the highest possible results, you’ll also receive a special bonus prize.

This is a big opportunity for those who cleared GT Academy 2012 with Gold results. If you've picked up your prize cars, don't forget to join these events.

For conditions and details on how to receive your prize cars, please see the links below.

* GT Academy 2012 has ended as of June 25. We thank you for your participation.