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Players who reach the top ranks in the Online Series may register as "Star Players" on the official website.

When the prerequisites for a Star Player registration are met, a notification will appear in-game. Please proceed to register on

Star Players are players who exhibit superior technique and sportsmanship. It will be necessary for drivers to register more detailed profile information, and the player will receive more exposure in race reports and Live Events. The Driver Rating of a registered Star Player will appear as "S" in-game.

The Star Player registration prerequisites for each season are as follows:

Season Registration Prerequisites (for both the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series)
Season 1
2020 World Finals competitors
Season 2
2021 World Series Showdown competitors
(The "Star Player" registration form is available only to competitors 18 years old and over. In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, competitors must be 21 years old or over. Star Player registration prerequisites may change during the series in response to the current players' registration situation.)