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Notice: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Schedule Change (February 12)

The race schedule and times for the "FIA Gran Turismo Championships" 2021 Exhibition Series, which get under way on February 27, have been released. The following are the schedules for the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series for the Americas Region. Note: They are in accordance with the new regional classifications (see below).

■ Race Schedule and Entry Slots

Nations Cup (North America Region)

 ・Wednesdays: 16:00, 17:20, 18:40, 20:00, 21:20 PST (five races in total.)
 ・Saturdays: 14:00, 15:20, 16:40, 18:00, 19:20 PST (five races in total.)

Manufacturer Series (Americas Region)

 ・Wednesdays: 15:00, 16:20, 17:40, 19:00, 20:20 PST (five races in total.)
 ・Saturdays: 13:00, 14:20, 15:40, 17:00, 18:20 PST (five races in total.)

No changes have been made to the race schedule since the last announcement; however, please note that the number of regions have changed from five to three for the 2021 Exhibition Series. Go to 'Manufacturer Series' Matchmaking Update Notice for more details.

The current schedule may change without prior notice, including on which days the races for the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series are run.

Thank you for your loyal support, and we hope you continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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