Race Report

VQS_Drifter Comes Out on Top in an All-American Showdown for the Season 1 Title!

Season 1 of the Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup 2022 Series got underway on the 28th of May. The event would take place in Gran Turismo 7's Sport mode for the first time, and would therefore be a test of how quickly the drivers could adapt to a new environment.

The Season's first race took place at the Suzuka Circuit. In a real sign of things to come, the race was won by the king of the North America Region, PX7-Lamb.

Round 2 took place at the Autopolis International Racing Course, a technical circuit in Japan, and it proved to be a chance for the USA's VQS_Drifter to show off his speed. Having scored only 263 points in the opening round, this was a race that VQS_Drifter couldn't afford to lose—and he duly delivered, performing impressively and top-scoring with 397 points.

The super-high-speed layout of the 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit was the setting for Round 3. Canada's VQS_Ethan won the race, grabbing 396 points and establishing himself at the top of the leaderboard.

Round 4 took place at Sardegna - Road Track - A, and saw the USA's Deano_solo claiming victory, scoring 379 points.

Round 5 took place on the Alsace - Test Course, a track with a tricky layout and many elevation changes. It proved to be a very strategic race, with VQS_Drifter coming out on top.

The USA's Robby--Heck had been aiming for the top of the leaderboard in the early rounds, but after failing to score any points after Round 2, he went into the final race of the Season well off the pace.

The last race took place on the Watkins Glen Long Course, a track that was added in a recent update. In a race between drivers who had very little experience of the track, VQS_Drifter emerged victorious, grabbing 381 points and the Season 1 title into the bargain.

GTWS Nations Cup - 2022 Series - Season 1
1st / United States / VQS_Drifter (VQS_Drifter) / 1139 Points
2nd / United States / R. Heck (Robby--Heck) / 1101 Points
3rd / Canada / E. Liminated (VQS_Ethan) / 1074 Points