Notice: Official decals for TV Anime "HIGHSPEED Étoile" Are No Longer Available

On Thursday, July 25, with the release of Update 1.49, the "HIGHSPEED Étoile" official decals introduced in Update 1.44 will no longer be available for distribution.

Please take note of the following points concerning the usage of these decals after their discontinuation.

Livery Editor

- These official decals will be removed from the Brand Logos (F-O) section in Preset Decals and will no longer be available to add to liveries.
- Saved Styles that use these official decals will remain available to edit and save. The decals will remain intact after the end of service.


- Saved Styles with these official decals, including those that can be viewed by other players, will remain visible in Showcase. They will be available for use after the end of service.