Celebrating the World Series Showdown 2023 with Two Special Giveaway Campaigns! Enter to Win In-Game Prizes and Early Access to the Toyota Ambulance Himedic!

The 2023 World Series Showdown global live event will take place in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 August and to celebrate we will be running two special bonus campaigns that you can enter directly through Gran Turismo 7.

1. World Series Showdown 'Predict the Winners' Campaign

Through this campaign, players can win in-game credits by correctly predicting the winning 'Manufacturers Cup' and 'Nations Cup' teams at the World Series Showdown. Entries can be submitted from the campaign banner in the top right corner of the Gran Turismo 7 world map screen. 1,000,000 Credits will be delivered for a correct guess, with a total of 2,000,000 Credits being delivered for correctly guessing the winners of both tournaments.

Bonus Details

1,000,000 Credits (A total of 2,000,000 Credits will be delivered to those who correctly guess the winners of both the Manufacturers Cup and the Nations Cup).

■How to Enter

Select the ‘Predict the Winners Campaign’ banner displayed in the top right corner of the world map in-game and pick the teams that you think will be victorious.

■Entry Period

Entries can be submitted up to the point that the relevant Grand Final race broadcast starts.
As such, you can watch the outcome of the qualifying session before the Grand Final before making your decision.

■Reward Delivery

・Monday 14 August 11:00 UTC / Monday 14 August 4:00 PDT / Monday 14 August 20:00 JST

2. World Series Showdown 'Viewers Campaign'

In the 'Viewers Campaign', players can receive in-game items and early access to a new vehicle coming soon to Gran Turismo 7 by clicking the corresponding campaign banner in the top right corner of the Gran Turismo 7 world map screen and clicking the Manufacturers Cup and Nations Cup broadcast links and watching the stream.

Reward Details

・Manufacturers Cup
Reward: 6-Star Roulette Ticket (Engine)

・Nations Cup
Reward: Toyota Ambulance Himedic '21

The Toyota Ambulance Himedic '21 will be coming to Gran Turismo 7 through a future update, but players can receive it early by participating in this campaign.

■How to Enter

Click the ‘Viewers Campaign’ banner displayed in the top right corner of the world map in-game and select the Manufacturers Cup or Nations Cup broadcast link and watch the World Series Showdown races from the tournament. This campaign will be open from each tournament’s respective broadcast start time up until 20 August.

This campaign will be open on two different occasions and the reward delivery times will vary for each.

EntryPeriod / RewardDelivery

Reward Schedule

First Session
・Entries Close: Sunday 13 August, 23:59 UTC / Sunday 13 August, 16:59 PDT / Monday 14 August, 8:59 JST
・Gift Delivery: Monday 14 August, 6:00 UTC / Sunday 13 August, 23:00 PDT / Monday 14 August,15:00 JST

Second Session
・Entries Close: Sunday 20 August, 23:59 UTC / Sunday 20 August, 16:59 PDT / Monday 21 August, 8:59 JST
・Gift Delivery: Monday 21 August, 06:00 UTC / Sunday 20 August, 23:00PDT / Monday 21 August,15:00 JST

For further information on all the drivers and teams competing at the World Series Showdown, as well as broadcast times and much more, please see the World Series Showdown special page.