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Story 1: Gran Turismo World Series Showdown 2023 Recap

Countdown to the Gran Turismo World Series World Finals

With only two in-person live events at the forefront of the 2023 Gran Turismo World Series, these breathtaking competitions are stepping into the limelight like never before! As we rev up for the ultimate showdown at the GTWS World Finals on December 2 and 3 in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, let's relive the sheer excitement of the season's inaugural live event – the GTWS World Series Showdown held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, back in August.

In the Manufacturers Cup, the absence of ace driver Angel Inostroza, sidelined by injury, only added to the suspense. Nevertheless, with a man down, the dynamic duo of Jose Serrano and Takuma Sasaki joined forces and propelled Porsche to its very first triumphant moment of the season. Subaru, initially the crowd favorite, clinched the second spot, thanks to the exceptional skills of drivers Takuma Miyazono, Kylian Drumont, and Roberto Sternberg. Surprising all, Lamborghini, with the exceptional trio of Will Murdock, Randall Haywood, and Yuki Kodaka, earned the coveted third position on the podium. Not to be outdone, Toyota, Nissan, and BMW secured their places in the top six, providing for an intriguing battle at the World Finals!

With the complete reset of the points for the World Finals—the Showdown results don’t count in the final World Series standings—it’s winner takes all in Barcelona. It’s evident that Team Porsche is hungry to land on the podium, just missing the coveted spot last year with 4th-place finish. So, for them, it’s time for some payback this year, and whether it’s Toyota, Subaru or even Lamborghini, the team of Jose Serrano, Takuma Sasaki and Angel Inostroza aren’t going to let any of them stand in their way. The stage is set for an epic battle the likes we have never seen before!

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World Series Showdown - Manufacturers Cup Results:

Rank Manufacturer / Drivers Time
1 Porsche Jose Serrano / Takuma Sasaki 1:14'27.687
2 Subaru Takuma Miyazono / Roberto Sternberg / Kylian Drumont +6.385
3 Lamborghini Will Murdoch / Randall Haywood / Yuki Kodaka +10.682
4 Toyota Adriano Carrazza / Coque López / Rikuto Kobayashi +15.760
5 Nissan Ryota Kokubun / Mehdi Hafidi / Mateo Estevez +20.031
6 BMW Rodrigo Regalado / Seiya Suzuki / Thomas Labouteley +27.534
7 Honda Soki Nabetani / Valerio Gallo / João Pessôa +33.166
8 Genesis Dean Heldt / Nicolas Romero / Yuito Sasaki +34.266
9 Mazda Pol Urra / Hiroshi Okumoto / Robert Heck +39.655
10 Renault Guy Barbara / Alex López Murillo / Arthur Mosso +40.572
11 McLaren Donovan Parker / Konstantinos Konstantinou / Koki Mizuno +42.468
12 Mercedes-AMG Lucas Bonelli / Tomoaki Yamanaka / Baptiste Beauvois +46.207

The Nations Cup in 2023 introduced an exhilarating new twist, as 12 countries went head-to-head instead of individual racers. It was a high-octane 30-lap showdown at Autotrome Lago Maggiore, and the race was one for the ages. In a heart-pounding display of speed and strategy, Spain, a crowd favorite, seized the GTWS Showdown crown. The trio of Coque López, Jose Serrano, and Pol Urra dominated the race, leaving spectators in awe.

Japan didn’t hold back either, with drivers Rikuto Kobayashi, Takuma Sasaki, and Seiya Suzuki displaying remarkable teamwork and skill. Brazil, still seen as a top contender for the title, had to settle for 3rd place this time, as the trio of Igor Fraga, Lucas Bonelli, and Adriano Carrazza struggled to find their rhythm in this intense competition. The Nations Cup was an intense battle of countries, and it certainly lived up to the hype! There will, no doubt, be more thrills and surprises at the World Finals in Barcelona, Spain.

The question on everyone’s mind is can Spain take this all the way, winning the 2023 GTWS championship on its home turf. As we’ve seen before, the winner of the Showdown doesn’t necessarily take home the grand prize, and this year, the Showdown results don’t count toward the series championship, so it all comes down to this one race in Barcelona! The drivers aren’t playing for personal glory anymore, but something perhaps more important and meaningful...their countries! Don’t be surprised if you see a Cinderella rise to the top and surprise everyone, such as Chile or even the Netherlands. When someone fights for something that’s bigger than themselves, anything is possible!

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World Series Showdown - Nations Cup Results:

Rank Driver Time
1 Spain Jose Serrano / Coque López / Pol Urra 46'51.256
2 Japan Rikuto Kobayashi / Takuma Sasaki / Seiya Suzuki +15.968
3 Brazil Adriano Carrazza / Lucas Bonelli / Igor Fraga +17.984
4 Italy Valerio Gallo / Giorgio Mangano / Marco Busnelli +21.919
5 Netherlands Kaj de Bruin / Floris Simmerman / Rick Kevelham +24.719
6 Belgium Quinten Jehoul / Giovanni Baccellieri / Keanu De Vroe +30.186
7 France Kylian Drumont / Baptiste Beauvois / Thomas Labouteley +42.470
8 Canada Ethan Lim / Trent Jeffrey / Mark Pinnell +44.548
9 Chile Harald Walsen / Felipe Muñoz +44.609
10 USA Kevan Pounder / Donovan Parker / Randall Haywood +53.508
11 New Zealand Matthew McEwen / Simon Bishop / Thomas England +1'00.038
12 Malaysia Dhanesh Wigneswaran / Taj Aiman / Melvin Chung +1'08.870