Race Report

Team AMG's Ace Lucas Bonelli (RVT_BONELLI) Wins the Americas Region Qualifiers!

The "Gran Turismo World Series 2024" Online Qualifiers — Manufacturers Cup got under way on Wednesday, May 8, and in the Americas division, it was a free-for-all until the very end.

Round 1: Nürburgring 24h Circuit
Winner: Team Subaru, Angel Inostroza (Veloce_Loyrot)
Race Summary: Known for his steady pace, Inostroza, who transferred to Team Subaru this season, claimed pole position and executed a flawless pole-to-win finish with a three-second lead over the rest of the field.

Round 2:
Autódromo de Interlagos
Winner: Team Audi, EVO-FoxZ
Points: 477
Race Summary: The young Audi driver, EVO-FoxZ, claimed pole position and maintained his lead to finish on top, earning a commendable 477 points.

Round 3:
Deep Forest Raceway
Winner: Team Lexus, Igor Fraga (IOF_RACING17)
Race Summary: Brazilian ace Igor Fraga, now racing for Team Lexus, launched an all-out offensive from pole position. Driving the RC F GT3, the same model he piloted in the real-world Super GT, Fraga ran a near-flawless race, leaving his rivals in the dust.

Round 4:
Suzuka Circuit
Winner: Team AMG, Lucas Bonelli (RVT_BONELLI)
Race Summary: The race at Suzuka was characterized by dramatic weather changes, testing the survival instincts of each racer. AMG’s Lucas Bonelli showcased a brilliant display of speed and skill, dominating the competition.

Round 5:
Daytona Road Course
Winner: Team Toyota, Adriano Carrazza (Didico__15)
Race Summary: Carrazza set a consistent pace from his pole-position start to an impressive finish, crossing the line with a four-second lead over his rivals.

Final Round:
Fuji International Speedway
Winner: Team AMG, Lucas Bonelli
Race Summary: Bonelli secured victory at Fuji, leapfrogging over Carrazza in the rankings to claim the championship title.

The Final Result: Championship Outcome
Champion: Team AMG's Lucas Bonelli's strategic and skillful performances secured the title in the final race.
2nd Place: Team Toyota’s Adriano Carrazza, a high-scorer throughout the season, took the consolation prize.
3rd Place: Team Lexus’s Igor Fraga impressed everyone with a well-deserved 3rd-place finish.

After such a high-level contest, the Americas Region is poised to be a focal point in future live racing events, promising even more thrilling and competitive races ahead.

The "Gran Turismo World Series" 2024 Online Qualifiers — Manufacturers Cup
 1st / AMG / Lucas Bonelli (RVT_BONELLI) / 1412 Points
 2nd / Toyota / Adriano Carrazza (Didico__15) / 1396 Points
 3rd / Lexus / Igor Fraga (IOF_RACING17) / 1384 Points