The Gran Turismo World Series

In 2018, a new form of motorsport was born where players from around the world competed using skills developed on Gran Turismo. Called the Gran Turismo Championship, the series enters its fifth year with a new name to celebrate the release of Gran Turismo 7. Allow us to introduce the Gran Turismo World Series (GTWS).

Like before, this championship is open to players around the world in the "Sport" mode of Gran Turismo 7. Players compete under official series regulations, allowing them to test their skills against each other in a competitive and fair setting. Players who show great speed and high levels of sportsmanship are invited to compete in World Series events where players vie to advance to the World Finals, which is the season finale where the world champion is crowned.

The Gran Turismo World Series consists of two different championships categories: the Nations Cup where players compete for their country or territory, and the Manufacturers Cup where they represent an automobile manufacturer of their choice.

What to watch for in the 2022 Series

Matchmaking by leagues, with the GT1 League at the top
A league format has been introduced to categorize the level and skill of the competing players. With the GT1 League representing the top of the pyramid, GT2 and GT3 categories have been created for players of different levels. Thanks to an easy-to-understand path to leveling up and better matchmaking, anyone can enter this world of serious racing, inviting to progress to world-class competitions.
The return of live events where the world's best drivers assemble
The World Series Showdown marks the midpoint of the year-long series, and the World Finals determines the World Champion at the end of the season. These races will be held live, signaling the return of in-person international events since 2020.
Official broadcast of the on-track battles
The World Series, the World Series Showdown and the World Finals will be broadcast internationally around the world. We invite everyone to check out the intense battles on our official broadcast channels.
Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Overview