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The “THRUSTMASTER T300RS” is a next generation steering controller that is officially compatible with Gran Turismo 6. In terms of hardware it is compatible with the PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4, and PC.

The T300RS combines an industrial brushless force feedback motor and a newly designed 1080 degrees dual belt system to achieve more realism and smoothness, as well as providing quieter sound during its operation. This is a steering wheel weighing a solid 1.2 kg offering stability and providing an adjustable rotation range of 270 to 1080 degrees*, reproducing sensations of road surfaces and various vehicle dynamics during game play. (*Gran Turismo 6 supports a rotation range up to 900 degrees and does not support 1080 degrees).

The precision is achieved by Thrustmaster’s exclusive H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology®), featuring a contactless magnetic sensor that provides 16-bit resolution, for 65,536 values on the wheel’s steering travel. It is also possible to perform firmware upgrades through a PC, leaving room for additional feature improvements in the future.

There are two large metallic sequential paddle shifters on the steering wheel, and the metal pedal set included in the product can be adjusted in height and space in 6 locations. The brake pedals also features progressive resistance.

Hardware Compatibility

The T300RS wheel is interchangeable with other Thrustmaster wheels such as the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-on, Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-on and the T500RS GT Wheels.

The T300RS is also compatible with the Base Fixed Paddle Shifters kit* (allowing users to install stationary paddle shifters on the wheel’s base), T hrustmaster’s 3-pedal pedal sets (T3PA* and T500 RS*), and the TH8A* and TH8RS* shifters.

(*) Not included


From Update 1.12, Gran Turismo 6 officially supports the T300RS and it is fully compatible with it. With any game version older than 1.12, the T300RS will function as a T500RS.