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Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 (3/5)

3. Tracks
Popular Tracks From the Past, Rebuilt Completely in GT5 Quality

In addition to the new courses appearing in Gran Turismo 5, you can also expect to see the legacy tracks familiar to the fans of the series.

While maintaining the allure of the courses, they were rebuilt from scratch to drastically improve their quality. Even those familiar with the tracks will be able to enjoy them as if they were seeing them for the first time.

Trial Mountain Circuit
Total Length: 3982.8m
Longest Straight; 401.0m
Elevation Variation: 50.8m
Number of Corners: 15

This is a track set in a mountainous area, slightly reminiscent of the Nürburgring. Along the track is a diverse scenery, with narrow mountain paths,tunnels and forests. It is a high speed circuit with mainly mid to high speed corners, with long full throttle sections. However each of the corners here are somewhat tricky, and requires drivers to follow a precise driving line. There are many locations where there is no visibility of the corner exit, requiring early steering operations in anticipation for what lies ahead.

The total length of the track is average, at approximately 4km. But what will prove to be the most difficult is the large elevation change of roughly 50m. Especially on high speed descending corners, it will be hard to place the load on the front wheels properly and you are more susceptible to understeer. In the area just ahead of the first tunnel, make sure you brake firmly to turn your car into the corner. Because it is a high speed circuit, it is not very well suited for smaller displacement cars. Rather, this is a course on which you’ll be able to maximize the potential of high powered cars.

Laguna Seca Speedway
Total Length: 3601.7m
Longest Straight; 265.0m
Elevation Variation: 55.0m
Number of Corners: 15

This is a real life circuit located in Monterey,California, and is one of the representative circuits in the West Coast of the United States. Many major international races for cars and motorcycles are held here throughout the racing season, and it is also famous as the hotspot for historic car events.

At 3.6km long, it is relatively compact for a circuit located in the US. However it is full of technical low to mid speed corners, and your laptime will depend on just how you raise your cornering speed. Controlling speed in the sharp corners at various parts of the track will prove difficult, and you will need to carefully feel out your braking points and the rhythm for accelerating out of the corners.

The circuit is famous for its difficult "Corkscrew", a corner which rapidly drops in elevation. It is not possible to see the clipping point at the top of the hill on its approach, and it is easy to go too fast into the corner and end up running off the track. You will need to accurately anticipate what is ahead for your braking.