This is the news headline for, the official site for the Gran Turismo game series. en The 'Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo Concept' is Here, Embodying the Brand's Iconic 'Athletic Elegance' Design Philosophy! 2024-07-25T01:00:00+12:00 Introducing the 'Gran Turismo 7' July Update: Adding 6 New Cars, the ‘Eiger Nordwand’ Track, and New Physics! 2024-07-25T01:00:00+12:00 'World Series 2024 Rd.2 - Prague' Tickets On Sale Now! 2024-07-07T10:00:00+12:00 July Update Trailer Unveiled! 2024-07-07T09:00:00+12:00 The 'Gran Turismo World Series' 2024 Special Page Now Open! Rd.1 - Montreal Event Streamed Live from the Venue on 6 July 2024-06-26T01:00:00+12:00 Earn up to 2,000,000 In-game Credits with the 'Gran Turismo World Series' 2024 Rd.1 – Montreal 'Predict the Winners' Campaign! 2024-06-26T00:59:00+12:00 Win Gift Tickets with the 'Gran Turismo World Series' 2024 Rd.1 – Montreal 'Viewers Gift' Campaign! 2024-06-26T00:58:00+12:00 Introducing the 'Gran Turismo 7' May Update: Adding 5 New Cars and 'Volvo' Brand! 2024-05-30T01:00:00+12:00 'World Series 2024 Rd.1 - Montreal' Tickets On Sale Now! 2024-05-24T02:00:00+12:00 Introducing the 'Gran Turismo 7' April Update: Adding 3 New Cars and 2 New Brands! 2024-04-25T06:00:00+12:00