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Weather Effect


Special Features

Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 (2/5)

2. Dynamic Weather System
Environmental Changes Due to Rainfall Have Been Implemented (And of course, the windshield wipers do work.)

In addition to the Time Transition visual effect announced at E3 in June, Gran Turismo 5 will also have real time weather changes on some of the tracks.

From factors like temperature, pressure and humidity, the system will simulate a weather condition that will change dynamically. The rainfall will alter the course scenery and race conditions, and combined with visual effects of time transitions and tire smoke, a richer visual expression was made possible.

The early evening sky turns purple as the rain starts to sprinkle. The rain drops are lit by the headlights, and there is dust being kicked up from the car in front of you. The windshield wipers wipe away the raindrops rhythmically; you can look forward to racing in dramatic scenes like this.

* Please note that not all courses will incorporate these visual effects.
* Please note that windshield wipers will only operate on premium models.