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Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from Gamescom 2010 (3/6)

3. My Lounge
A Private Space for Close Friends Gathering Online

In Gran Turismo 5, every player has their own "My Lounge" racing room prepared for them online. This is a private room that only your "Friends" set through the PlayStation®Network can enter.

In My Lounge, it is possible to set race regulations and tracks of your choice, and hold racing events with your friends. Up to 16 players can participate in the race, and even if you are not in the race yourself, you can watch it through a variety of race cams. You can also participate in free runs before the start of the race.

Imagine this: You set a time for a race using the messaging feature, and then wait for people to arrive while you race free runs on the track. Your friends start to join one by one, and once everyone’s arrived, the race can be started. Friends that showed up later can watch the race and chat.

In my lounge, you can wait while watching current races through the live cameras, provided with a large variety of different camera angles.
You can monitor the lap times and best section times of participating friends, and of course you can also chat by voice or text.
You can watch the race from exciting views, as if you were in the race yourself.
4. Course Maker
Make an Original Surprise Course and Invite Your Friends.

In Gran Turismo 5, you can finally generate your own original tracks. This is the "Course Maker" feature.

In the "Course Maker", you will select the base theme (terrain), and select a variety of parameters such as the length of the course, to easily create a track which matches your parameters. If you come up with a good track, you can also give these original tracks to your friends online, and use them in the races with your friends in My Lounge.

Now with a massive number of course layouts available, the never ending world of "Gran Turismo" awaits your presence.

The base scenery (terrain) is selected at the top screen of the Course Maker.
Select a number of parameters such as course length to generate an original course.
5. Racing Karts
Make New Discoveries on the Tracks through Kart Racing

Racing Karts are now appearing for the first time in the Gran Turismo series. Karts are a popular way to get into motorsports in real life, and even a beginner player of Gran Turismo will be able to enjoy racing in one.

The dynamic characteristics of racing karts have been thoroughly recreated through the experience and technology amassed at Gran Turismo. The size, ride height and dynamics of a Kart are totally different from that of a normal car. Witness the moment when the familiar world of Gran Turismo transforms into a whole new world.