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GT6 Updates

Update Details (1.10)

An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released. The following is a list of the main features introduced:

Vision Gran Turismo
The "Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo" and the "NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo" have been released.

After the update has been installed, the cars can be purchased from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in "My Home". Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the cars by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Events, available only for a limited time.

Brake calipers can now be painted
It is now possible to paint the brake calipers on cars equipped with a "Racing Brake Kit", purchasable from the [Brake Kits] page listed under the [Suspension] menu of the [Tuning Parts] option within the [TUNING & SERVICING] section of "My Home". Please note not all cars' brake calipers can be painted.

Driver Number customisation
The "Driver Number" feature accessible from the [Garage] menu of "My Home" is now available for a larger selection of cars. The selection of [Typeface] designs on which the numbers are displayed have also been increased.

Engine brake reduction control on formula cars have been disabled
The engine brake reduction control that was active on certain formula cars have now been disabled. (This is a feature that helps drivers avoid spinning out from excessive braking forces generated by the engine at throttle off, by slightly opening the throttle while cornering even with the accelerator pedal completely released.)

For more details on each of the above features, please refer to the online manual on