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Gran Turismo®6

Introducing the Mid-Field Raceway

The “Mid-Field Raceway" has been released on Gran Turismo®6, available exclusively on PlayStation®3. The new track will be available after Update 1.16 has been installed.

About the Mid-Field Raceway

The popular original track of Gran Turismo makes a comeback with further refinements! This high speed circuit is built on a mountain landscape full of inclines and descents. It is further made dynamic by the famous grade separated crossing where the direction of the lap circle changes, and its long flat out sections and mid- to high- speed corners.

How high you can maintain the average speed will determine your performance on this track; always aim for a racing line that focuses more on acceleration out of the corners, paying attention to the final top speeds reached in the straight sections.

The track features both variable weather and variable time functionality.