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Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Std. & Fan Car Comparison Movie


Gran Turismo®6

"Red Bull X Challenge - 2nd Part" Now Available

With the release of Update 1.04, the 2nd part of the Red Bull X Challenge is now available. The full spec "Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014" racing car is introduced, and users can experience the unprecedented downforce generated by these ultra fast cars.

The two cars appearing in this part of the challenge are the "Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard" and the "Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Fan Car". At, we've produced a movie that shows the differences in the driving characteristics between the two cars.

The "Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard" is a conventional aerodynamic Venturi car with a 2 litre V6 turbo engine producing 788 BHP. The car has the same characteristics of a modern day racing car in that its downforce rises as a square of its speed, while the corresponding produced drag (air resistance) obstructs its maximum speed. This also has the effect of changing the driving behaviour of the car according to its current speed.

The "Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Fan Car" is the ultimate X2014 powered by a 3 litre V6 turbo producing 1,183 BHP. The air under the floor of the car is drawn out by the fan at the rear end, generating an extremely powerful downforce regardless of the vehicle's current speed. Since the car relies on this downforce for cornering, aerodynamics of the body can be more streamlined, reducing the downforce needed from Venturi effects. As a result, the drag forces are greatly reduced, raising the top speed of the car considerably, and offers a driving behaviour that is less affected by the current speed of the car.

The difference in the way downforce is generated between a venturi car and a fan car is influenced by the difference in the speed variations when the downforce is applied on each of these cars. In the comparison image, the two cars are equal in high speed corners, but in chicanes and low speed corners the fan car is significantly faster. Experience the difference for yourself in the Red Bull X Challenge.