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Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION Vision Gran Turismo: Unveiled


Gran Turismo®6

Introducing the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION Vision Gran Turismo

The “Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION Vision Gran Turismo” has been released on "Gran Turismo 6", available exclusively on PlayStation®3. This is a hybrid concept packed with know-how and spirit gained through motorsports. Take this opportunity to experience its driving performance!

How to receive it

After Update 1.08 has been installed, the car can be purchased from the [Vision GT] area within the [CARS] section in "My Home" (here, you can also find the car's presentation movie). Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the car by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.

About the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION Vision Gran Turismo

Mitsubishi Motors, a company with a spectacular history in races like the Dakar Rally and World Rally Championship (WRC), has developed a special concept model for Vision Gran Turismo: This is the “Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV EVOLUTION Vision Gran Turismo”.

In the development of this special concept model, Mitsubishi Motors introduced their design team, Advanced Vehicle Research and Development Group, and Aerodynamic Engineering Development Group into this project in the same process they would normally follow to plan and develop real motorsports vehicles.

The styling of the car follows the basic concepts of the “MITSUBISHI Concept XR-PHEV” shown at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, while pouring in know-how gained from years of motorsports experience into its every detail. As a result the concept was evolved into a stoic racing machine.

The “Athlete Form” design concept was advanced further, emphasising the driving features aggressively. The iconic front grill is a study of next generation Mitsubishi SUV identity, and the shape that forms a wedge starting from the triple diamond mark is designed in the image of an athlete at crouching position on a starting line, evoking an intense image of tension and potential.

Applying advanced development technology from the Plug-in Hybrid EV System, the spontaneous power of the motor and powerful torque of the engine is transmitted through an 8 speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) to drive the 4 wheels. Its overwhelming drive performance is controlled precisely with the S-AWC vehicle dynamics control system that distributes the drive force optimally to the 4 wheels, producing a handling characteristic that moves the car exactly as the driver desires.

In addition, the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) body reduces weight and greatly contributes to its agility, and the downforce produced by the aerodynamic form of the front and rear diffusers produces excellent cornering performance. The large diameter 20 inch aluminum wheels gives an impression of a tough suspension system, and the powerful appearance of the front and rear fenders is in the image of toned muscles of a powerful athlete.

We hope you enjoy this special concept model, packed with the sports spirit of Mitsubishi Motors.

About Vision Gran Turismo

Vision Gran Turismo is a project in which the world’s leading brands develop concept cars for Gran Turismo and its fans. Please look forward to more fantastic car models in line to be released in the near future!