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Gran Turismo™ 7

A Plethora of New Features Added! 'World Circuits' is Now More Accessible and Fun to Play Than Ever!

With the 'Spec II' update, Gran Turismo 7 evolves to a whole new level. The update overhauls the game’s key hub ‘World Circuits’ adding a variety of new race events and features, all of which we will cover in this article.

1. Five new regular races and two expert races.

New races have been added to ‘World Circuits,’ the mode in which players compete on tracks from around the world. Among these new races are ‘World Touring Car 900,’ an event which brings together the fastest PP 900-level high-performance racing cars; ‘Gran Turismo X2019 Nations Cup,’ a recreation of the World Series races where anyone can experience the excitement of racing at a GTWS event; and all-new snow races added to coincide with the game’s brand-new track, ‘Lake Louise.’ What’s more, in addition to the five types of regular races added, two new expert-level race events have also been added for advanced players.

Regular Race Events

World Touring Car 900
Tracks: Trial Mountain Circuit / Nürburgring / Suzuka Circuit / Autopolis

X2019 Nations Cup
Tracks: Autódromo de Interlagos / Sardegna - Road Track / Dragon Trail / Trial Mountain Circuit / Autodrome Lago Maggiore

World Rally Challenge Gr.B
Tracks: Lake Louise

Japanese 4WD Challenge 600
Tracks: Lake Louise

Pickup Truck Challenge
Tracks: Lake Louise

World Touring Car 900

X2019 Nations Cup

Expert Race Events

Clubman Cup Plus
Tracks: Watkins Glen International / Special Stage Route X / Fuji International Speedway / Autodromo Nazionale Monza

GT Cup Gr.3
Tracks: Mount Panorama Circuit / Daytona International Speedway / Deep Forest Raceway / Red Bull Ring

Clubman Cup Plus

GT Cup Gr.3

2. Now race with Gran Turismo Sophy in the PS5 version. Set up a race quickly and easily with 'Quick Race.'

'Arcade Race' has been reborn as 'Quick Race.’ Players can now choose to race against regular AI or the ever-evolving AI racing agent 'Gran Turismo Sophy' (only available on the PS5 version in specific tracks and cars) using a wider variety of cars than ever before. Credits awarded for these races increase based on the player's Collector Level and Circuit Experience progress. This race mode is now easier than ever to get into, and even more replayable.

3. The 'Event Directory' button makes searching for available races easy.

The new 'Event Directory' button added to the top-right of the screen makes it quick and easy to find all the race events currently available in World Circuits. Pressing the new button brings up a list of all races that the player can enter according to their game progress. Select a race from the directory to get straight into the action.

4. The ending is just the beginning. Keep on racing with the 'Weekly Challenges.'

Weekly Challenges, available after having watched the ending, is a new mode that offers a variety of weekly race events for players to test their skills against. Completing all these events, hand-picked from current World Circuits events along with all-new race events, will earn players a special reward.

5. Talk cars, strategies and everything in between at the 'Paddock.'

With the 'Spec II' update, there are changes for online races as well. The 'Room' screen in Meeting Places has been reconstructed as a new 'Paddock' parking area where players can chat and check out each other’s cars close-up. Access to this area is now easier than ever as players can now join the Paddock from the 'Multiplayer' menu in addition to the 'World Circuits' pavilions.