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GT Academy Supports 6 Additional Languages

Simultaneously with the distribution of the "GT Academy 2013" demo starting on the 2nd of July, will now be supporting 6 additional countries/languages listed below. The flag of your currently selected country is shown on the lower right of the site, and you can select other languages by clicking on the flag.

- Greece (Greek)
- Turkey (Turkish)
- Czech Republic (Czech)
- Hungary (Hungarian)
- Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese)
- Mexico (Mexican Spanish)

Starting from today, information regarding Gran Turismo 6, in development for a 2013 holiday season release, will be provided to those living in the countries listed above in their respective languages.

* Please note that only news starting from the announcement of "Gran Turismo 6" in May 2013 will be available for these new countries/languages, and older news and content will not be available.

* Please also note that the "Gran Turismo 5" Online Event information and My Home features for Czech Republic, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico will only be provided in English due to the software not supporting these languages.