Set Your Fastest Time in the 'Honda Racing eMS 2023' by 29 October!

The 'GT Fastest Attack 2023' global time trial, part of the 'Honda Racing eMS 2023' event held by Honda Racing (HRC) and Gran Turismo 7, will end on Sunday, 29 October.

'GT Fastest Attack 2023' is a competition to set the fastest lap time using the Honda Civic Type R (FL5)ʼ22 in Gran Turismo 7. The event features two classes: the ‘U17 Class’ for players aged 6-17, and the ‘Challenge Class’ for players aged 18 and over.

The top 10 ranked players from both the U17 and Challenge Classes in Japan will qualify for the ‘GT Grand Final 2023’ to be held on Sunday, 10 December (Only available to Japanese residents.)

The HRC Livery Honda Civic Type R (FL5) '22 used in the time trial will be distributed at a later date as a participation bonus to anyone who enters the ‘Honda Racing eMS GT Fastest Attack 2023’ and sets a time in the rankings.

All players who enter the ‘GT Fastest Attack 2023’ and set a time quicker than the lap record (the qualifying time below) for a front-wheel drive car set by the Honda Civic Type R (FL5) ’22 in either Class will receive an official ‘certificate.’ This certificate will be sent by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to the email address registered to the account for PlayStation™Network at a later date.

Event Details

First Official Esport Event from Honda to Begin 28 September!